North Central Sewage Agency has been serving Tioga County for decades. We were originally formed by township supervisors to enforce the requirements of Act 537 and relieve the burden from the townships. And that is still our primary goal today.


We have a full staff of four employees complete with an in house design service. Over the years our agency has been used as a model for other agencies around the state. For many, our agency represents the goal of where they would like theirs to be. We were among the first to get computerized mapping.   We led the way marking our testing with GPS for permanent location information. And have since integrated the two allowing us to easily mark our testing on aerial photography and share it with surveyors and Tioga County GIS for easy access to everyone.


Our incredibly complete database allows us to retrieve information for customers immediately and accurately. With just a few simple clicks we can locate virtually any information that we have on a property.